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Parallette Bars

Welcome to the Parallette Bar Selection Section

Parallette Bars, also known as Push Up Bars, are the “horseshoe” shaped units you tend to see in calisthenic and crossfit videos and gyms. If you’re looking to build strength through deeper movements then you’ve found your best friend(s) right here!

Start at the base of the progression to lay the solid foundation to build upon. You may be advanced in your ability now but if you don’t build correctly then it won’t last.

We have designed these Push up Bars to be strong and made with a specific niche to target an ability. Looking to develop grip strength and basic form? Or perhaps you are looking to progress through a skill movement such us the reverse planche lift?

All the products on this page are products made in South Africa. If you require a program then we have that for you too. Simply contact us directly or fill in the form at the end of the page.

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