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The Low Plyo-Stand




The Low-Plyo Stand

What is it (Plyo Box)?

This is the universal Standard 40cm Low Plyometric Stand by BattleFit. The best way to gain fitness quickly is to do burpee box jumps, and that’s what this is for and only this! (That is a joke). The Low-Plyo Stand is a solid box upon which the user can do more leg work in workouts. The use for calisthenic progression training is also a big plus on this jump box, where the top layer of wood is strong enough to support ones bodyweight many times over.

The Benefits?

This version is the standard height of beginner level Jump Boxes. This is because it is best to start at the beginning and build up correctly.

Perform box jumps, shooting single leg raises, step ups, jump overs, tricep dips, decline pushups and more! Add in a set of Wood Gym Rings and you can have an inexpensive multi faceted gym right at home in your garden, garage or lounge!

BattleFit Low-Plyo Stand Dimentions

Length: 40cm/ Height: 40cm/Width: 30cm/ Treated wood surface

Additional information

Dimensions 0.4 × 0.3 × 0.4 m


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