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BattleFit Hangbar


The ultimate stepping stone in building the perfect balanced body. Create the strength you need in grip, back, core and arms to take it to the next level. Get your body BattleFit


low pull up bar - The BattleFit Hangbar

A low Pull Up Bar that stands at 1m high. This unit allows for safe progression to the bigger movements such as Pull Ups (although we don’t think of them as advanced, strict pull ups in their various forms are a serious advanced shoulder movement and damage can be done without proper strengthening first) by performing varying degrees of lateral pull-ups/Australian Pull-Ups.

This is where we build our foundational core, grip and back strength. In calisthenics, the stronger your foundation the bigger your gains will be.

You can also train Planches and degree’s of Front Levers and Back Levers, or more importantly, build up to these movements with calisthenics progression workouts.¬†

Additional information

Dimensions 0.75 × 1 × 1 m

Hammered Black, Lumo Green, Electric Orange


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