Are you looking for a start to finish journey of body improvement? Are you looking to take the next step up? BattleFit Equipment has what you need. Start with a low bar, build up your jack knife pull ups, build up your incline push ups, build up your skin the cats… Build demit build!

The greatest part about calisthenics and calisthenics equipment is that we have the key to unlocking untold strength! We are the #1 supplier in South Africa for sought after Calisthenic Equipment. All housed under one online roof. Training with your own body means that there is less of a chance that you will injure yourself. It also means that your muscle is trained to be denser. Your Joints will be made bullet proof, and if you follow our programs, you will get there in absolutely no time at all!

At every level you will need a new piece to progress even further than before!

Take advantage of our deals and specials.

Parallette Bars

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